What is a coach?

A coach is a master, in a particular sport, who trains and prepares future athletes.
It is the task of the coach to carry out a specific programme aimed at training and education, improving and developing the new abilities of his or her supervised staff.

Below we give a resume example for athletic trainer, as well as a general idea of what a trainer's resume should contain and what hiring managers want to find in you.

Mentor job description for a resume

The main job description for a coach is to conduct training work. This can be organising and carrying out group and personal training, catering for sports, educational work, organising sports and entertainment events. All other duties of a coach are either directly connected to the main duty or secondary.

An experienced trainer takes an individual approach to each of his clients, taking into account their characteristics and capabilities, he develops a programme that reveals the full potential of his pupil.

In particular, you need to know how to provide first aid in case of emergencies, injuries and pathological conditions during exertion.

The main abilities of a mentor in the curriculum vitae

The main abilities necessary for a mentor can be divided into two categories: sports abilities and pedagogical abilities. A specialist should not only have an excellent understanding of his or her area of physical activity, but also be able to teach people. A mentor should be both a psychologist and a teacher.

The merits of a mentor on the CV

Most of the mentor's merits can be classified into two categories: his own merits in sport and victories of his mentees. A qualification in a specialized kind of sport, a certificate of advanced training, a martial arts belt, a gold medal at a championship - all these are personal furore, an indicator of the mentor's skill level, a "plus" in the resume, and an advantage in finding a job.