Dear Friend of Daemion,

In 2013, I was asked to join the Daemion Counseling Center (DCC) board of directors. I was grateful about the opportunity I was offered, an opportunity to give back to Daemion’s community, my community, our community, in a meaningful way!

When driving around our local streets 50+ years of memories get triggered in my brain. Fortunately, most memories are wonderful, however, some are not. We all know people whose lives or relationships were spiraling tragically toward disaster until something changed, miraculously disaster was averted, lives became better, families stayed together, life with purpose flourished, a life filled with HOPE was realized.

These stories of people who were up against daunting obstacles and found help to get through them are the stories of success. What an incredible difference there is in a story between one of a person whose life circumstances unfolds tragically compared to that of another person who finds help toward a manageable, directed life, filled with purpose and meaningful relationships and experiences.

Daemion Counseling Center focuses on helping people find footing on their own successful path, forging through the obstacles which can be perilous, one step at a time. Daemion works to positively impact people’s lives to be better by helping identify and define direction through life’s transitions and challenges.

DCC is committed to being here for everyone who needs to be heard, we are here when the timing is critical to redirect away from negative outcomes and uncover pathways toward life lived wonderfully.

Please consider helping DCC with you generous donation which will enable us to continue providing “HOPE One Hour at a Time.” Your donation will provide the opportunity that can change a life. We invite you to stand with us and become part of the solution that matters so much.

In helping others, we help ourselves; this has always happened in my experience. Thank you to Daemion Counseling Center, and those working with and alongside DCC, for giving an opportunity to make a positive impact for DCC and our community.

Please help us make a difference today.


Phillip S. Krombolz
Treasurer DCC