The year 2020 reminds us of the opening of Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities: “It was the best of times.  It was the worst of times.”  Little did we know in January that, as we would travel through the months of this historic year, each of them would be fraught with unexpected challenges.  But as many in our community have struggled to survive, it has been uplifting to observe how many others have risen to the occasion to provide the safety net required in so many different ways.  Alongside the wonderful frontline and essential workers, there have been quiet heroes who have provided food, clothing, shelter, emotional support, occupational opportunities, mental health guidance, and financial assistance.  We are all called to be the best that we can be in these uncertain and troubling times.

At Daemion Counseling Center, COVID-19 has changed our therapy delivery from 100% face-to-face counseling sessions to 100% virtual or telehealth counseling sessions.  It is important to note that the integrity and effectiveness of our service delivery has not suffered in any way.  We have been happy to witness the effectiveness of using telehealth with both existing and new clients. While we have observed a 29.4% increase in clients this year, year over year, unfortunately we have experienced a 34.5% or $71,000 loss of fundraising event revenues we were unable to hold in the same time period.

Our client base reflects the circumstances in which we live.  One client is an individual who has lost his small business that he worked long and hard hours to establish.  Additionally, as a minority, he is distraught over the racial tension engulfing our country.  Although he had been a former paying client, he has returned to Daemion unable to pay for his sessions.  Due to the availability of greatly appreciated grant money to help offset the cost of therapy, we have helped him address his symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Other clients are in marriages and relationships that were already challenged, but that have been driven further into despair.  How do we help them rebuild the relationships that they deeply desire? We give support and create workable plans.

Does a single immigrant mother who has struggled to maintain a stable life for her children, but now has to juggle her children’s education and her ability to work, have an avenue of hope open to her?  Parents, students, and teachers throughout our communities are struggling with challenges of unimaginable realities that were unthinkable 9 months ago.

As perhaps the most stable, capable, and fortunate citizens in our community, even we recognize these challenges and worries within our families and our communities.  We recognize intervention is necessary.  Can you imagine the need among those who are less fortunate with fewer avenues of support?

In 2020, our 50th year of serving our community, your financial assistance is critical in allowing us to provide vital tools to our clients so they can act effectively in their roles as parents, employees, neighbors, and citizens.



In celebration of our 50th anniversary, an anonymous donor has stepped forward to match up to $10,000 in community donations.  Inspired by this individual, the Board of Directors has agreed to also match up to $10,000.  As a result, each dollar you donate will be matched by two dollars.  We ask you to kindly consider our challenge in increments of $50 in recognition of Daemion Counseling Center’s 50th anniversary.

Thank you for supporting our mission to give “HOPE, one hour at a time.”


Margaret Magee, President/CEO