Personal Statement

rita_gallagherAnger Management and Assertiveness Training are my areas of special interest. They are two sides of the same coin. We all develop coping mechanisms that we observe working for others, or that we have stumbled on ourselves. Many times these put us into a win/lose frame of mind. In either case, one assumes s/he have no power unless I use anger and/or intimidation.

I teach anger management one-on-one. Our Program covers all the same skills for everyone, but it is custom to each client. I use the client’s experiences to explain whatever principle I am teaching. Some clients are stronger in some areas and do not need as much time working on those skills. I take this into account and put more time into those areas where the client needs more work. Some clients come in with a pressing need in a particular area. We go there first. I have success with high school children and people up to, and including, the elderly.


Years in Practice: 14+
School: West Chester University
Year Graduated: 2000

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Cash, Check, Credit Card

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