What if?

What if one day you realized you were no longer finding joy in the things you did day to day? What if your teens were being bullied and you watch them start to lose sight of their strengths? What if every conversation with your spouse now turns into an argument? What if you had the tools to manage it?

Each person’s story is unique. Each story moves us.

While available resources for nonprofits have diminished and the need has grown, Daemion has steadfastly held to our mission to build a better community by helping residents navigate life’s many transitions. Yet kind hearts and good intentions alone will not overcome all obstacles.

The people we serve need Daemion now more than ever, and Daemion needs you.

As we celebrate 47 years of service to Chester, Montgomery, Delaware, and Philadelphia counties, we appreciate your support throughout Daemion’s history of offering help and hope. Your gift will be used as a bridge to provide people with the tools to participate more fully as parents, workers and citizens, and as a result we all reap the benefits.

How much is the value of help and hope? You decide.

Thank you for your support.


Margaret Magee
Executive Director