Letter to the Community Regarding Coronavirus COVID-19.

Despite the decline in Coronavirus COVID-19, it feels more important than ever to fulfill our nonprofit mission of providing affordable mental health counseling.  Daemion Counseling Center is committed to keeping our staff, our clients, and our community safe.

In keeping with that commitment, we want you to know that we will continue to deliver high-quality mental health counseling and programs to the community, with a few changes in place until further notice.

  1. Our hours of operation have not changed.  Our staff is available (via phone or email most reliably) from 9:00-5:00 EST Monday-Friday.  Evening appointments are available.
  2. We will be changing the format of our in-person counseling sessions to videoconferencing.
  3. You may also speak directly to your therapist on the telephone after you have scheduled an appointment.

In light of these developments, it is important that we stay connected.  We are working hard to ensure your needs are met.

Please know that we are here if you have any questions or concerns.  We are available at staff@daemioncounseling.org or by phone 610-647-1431 Ext. 105.

You may leave a message for us and we will return you phone call as soon as possible.  We will keep you apprised of developments at Daemion Counseling Center as we move forward through this challenging time.

All the very best of health to you and yours,

Marti Magee, President/CEO

Daemion Counseling Center - We give hope one hour at a time.

Daemion Counseling Center is a community based mental health center. Since 1970, we have continuously served clients in southeastern Pennsylvania (Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties).

As a small and responsive organization, we are able to see clients within days of their call. We offer intimacy and proficiency of a private practice with the flexibility of a counseling center. Daemion’s services rely on the expertise of our professional licensed therapists and counselors and their ability to help clients learn, change, and grow.

Daemion Counseling Center’s highly qualified staff uses innovative and time-honored therapy models, careful examination of individual client progress and outcomes, and participation in ongoing professional education to establish and maintain credibility in the counseling field. We treat clients from age 14 and up.

Daemion adheres to ACA ethical guidelines concerning confidentiality. No client information is given to anyone without the written authorization of the client.

For more information about Daemion Counseling Center, please email us at staff@daemioncounseling.org, or call us at 610-647-1431.

More information: 2020-2021 Annual Report (fiscal year) | 2020-2021 Approved IRS Form 990 (fiscal year) | 2020-2021 Approved Audit (fiscal year)

We give hope one hour at a time.

Call 610-647-1431 (M-F 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

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Mindfulness Walk & Talk

A free mindfulness walking series hosted by Daemion Counseling Center and Valley Forge Park Alliance, funded by REI.

Walk in the park with therapists from Daemion Counseling Center and connect with self, others, and nature!

Mindfulness brings our awareness to the present moment, helping us to engage more authentically and freely. The walk will teach mindfulness techniques and allow time for sharing the effects of practice.

Please note: All available positions have been filled - registration is now closed.

Daemion Counseling Center celebrates 50 years of hope and healing

Courtesy of Ray Hoffman, Main Line Times & Suburban

It was planned as a celebration of hope and healing. And what a celebration it was!

Perhaps the only thing missing from Daemion Counseling Center’s’ 50th Hope Gala at Waynesborough Country Club was Kool and the Gang rocking the house with their 1980 hit, “Celebration,” because there definitely was “a party goin’ on right here, a celebration to last throughout the years.”

More than 200 “friends” of the Berwyn mental health counseling non-profit joined in the fun-filled evening created to recognize Daemion’s more than half-century of service. And to raise money to help the agency continue to serve those with mental health needs throughout the Delaware Valley.

Be the person that helps a 20-year old live another day.

We are grateful to receive this heartfelt letter from a former board president of Daemion Counseling Center. This is a gripping story that reminds us the struggle is real.

Professional, quality help is available and affordable, thanks to Daemion’s commitment to the local community and your generous gift. Please give now and help us continue to give hope one hour at a time.

"I woke to the sound of my oldest brother’s screams. I could feel the despair in his voice as I rushed down the steps to find out what was the commotion. He had found my youngest brother in the backyard. I caught a glimpse of my brother, Neil, and a wave of nausea overcame my body.

There was an eerie haze that lay over the backyard that late July day in 1992. That fog enveloped our family for quite some time. I mean - we were, and are, a close-knit family - so how could this happen to us? How do I explain this to my friends? How do I comfort my father with the loss of his child, a young man just 20-years old?"


Mental Illness Awareness Week

Courtesy of The MLO Minute: By Allyson McAndrews, M.Ed., Director of Marketing and Community Outreach - McAndrews Law Offices

For over 30 years, our nation has recognized the first full week of October as Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW).

1 in 5 U.S. adults experience mental illness each year, and 1 in 6 youth (ages 6-17) experience a mental health disorder. These statistics reflect the millions of Americans suffering from a mental health condition; however, many are reluctant to talk about it, let alone seek treatment.

Several disorders fall under the category of mental health conditions, such as Anxiety Disorders, Bipolar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Depression, Eating Disorders, and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). With so many people of all ages and different backgrounds living with a mental health condition, it is important that our firm highlights MIAW.

The impact of Daemion Counseling upon the community we serve

Daemion Counseling Center has proudly served the Community for almost 50 years by providing awareness, education, outreach on mental health. In addition, it has providing individual family/couples/counseling, anger management programs, and drug and alcohol evaluations.

Many thanks to Monzo Media Productions for their video support!

2020-2021 Annual Report (fiscal year) | 2020-2021 Approved IRS Form 990 (fiscal year) | 2020-2021 Approved Audit (fiscal year)

Want to Know How to Help a Friend?

Navigating a Mental Health Crisis: A NAMI Resource Guide for Those Experiencing a Mental Health Emergency

Student Mental Health Guide: Learn how to help a friend with this infographic. Know the 10 common warning signs to look for, start the conversation and offer support. Be a friend, and get advice. (Infographic courtesy of NAMI)

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