Dear Friend of Daemion:

Now more than ever, mental health is at the forefront of societal challenges as we attempt to transition to normalcy in a post-global pandemic era. According to the CDC and Johns Hopkins Medicine, approximately 10% of children and 25% of adults suffer from diagnosed mental health disorders. Since 1970 Daemion Counseling Center has been a beacon of hope for the Greater Philadelphia Area, opening its doors to any and all members of our community. Through the support of our donor base, we are able to provide high quality professional mental health counseling to people of all income levels. We take pride in providing a safe place to be heard for everyone, even if they do not have the means to pay for professional counseling.

Your financial support allows us to continue providing an essential service to our community. The infrastructure of Daemion’s wonderful and dedicated staff of professionals and therapists heavily relies on the willingness of your social generosity to be able to operate. We thank you for your consideration in supporting Daemion and we value your ongoing support.

Kind regards,

Joseph T. Koebele
Chairman of the Board