(new) Support Groups

Daemion Counseling Center is offering support groups in 2018. Check back here or follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.

Individual Counseling

Clients at Daemion Counseling Center are given the opportunity to talk confidentially with one of our highly trained therapists about difficulties they may be experiencing.  Daemion’s therapists provide a warm and welcoming environment in order to create a positive counseling experience for our clients.

Couples Counseling

We experience the best and the worst of our intimate partners, as they do us. Couples Counseling helps couples recognize helpful and harmful factors that they each bring into the relationship, and develop new patterns of relating that improve the quality of the relationship and conflict management. Individual Therapy can be integrated within Couples Counseling when members of a couple believe work on personal issues can help their cooperative work together.

Family Counseling

Family therapy involves the whole family with the goal of improving communication, problem solving, and processing of significant events within the family unit. Family therapy can include the nuclear family as well as extended family members (parents/grandparents, etc.). Family therapy is also helpful for families in which one member presents with a mental health diagnosis.


Grief is our response to any loss. Grief may be comprised of feelings ranging from deep sadness to anger. While there are typical trends, there is not a right or wrong way to adapt to a significant loss. In Grief counseling, therapists help clients to accept the loss, to process feelings associated with the loss, and to develop new ways of looking at life without the subject of the loss.

Drug and Alcohol Evaluation

Daemion Counseling Center provides a drug and alcohol evaluation service to clients about their drug and/or alcohol use, and to clients who need an evaluation completed for court or school.

Anger Management

This specialized 11 session psycho-educational program gives clients the opportunity to explore their personal experience, signs, and triggers that spark anger in them.  Once these triggers are identified, the therapist works with the client to manage their anger in a positive and productive way.

Internship Opportunities

Daemion Counseling Center values training and educating Master’s-level counselors from local colleges and universities. We offer an internship with supervision from a licensed professional counsel for strong candidates enrolled in counseling programs.