Celebrating Community and Gratitude

Daemion Board Members and Staff

Pictured (left to right): Laura Serinsky, Mike Piccioni, Carol Caracand, Kimberly Jobson, Kaitlen Langerhans, Joe Koebele, Kathleen Wong, Heather Burns, Joni Yinger, Kara Hildenbrand, Ally McAndrews Washo, Nevin Torres and Susan Alexander

Daemion Counseling Center: 2023 Annual Board Meeting

On November 1, 2023, the leadership of Daemion Counseling Center met for an evening of connection and collaboration. Kaitlen Langerhans recapped her first few months as Executive Director then shared her vision for the upcoming year. Some highlights include the expansion of the Mindfulness Walking Series, holistic programming supporting the community at large and mental health professionals and, as always, seeking out new funding opportunities. Board members, therapists and staff provided updates from their respective roles - we are so grateful to everyone on the Daemion team and excited for all the amazing opportunities in our future! And thank you to our donors and sponsors; your generosity allows us to carry out this very important service to our community.