Dear Friend:

In helping others, we help ourselves; this has always happened in my experience.

Thank you to Daemion Counseling Center, and those working with and alongside DCC, for giving an opportunity to make a positive impact for DCC and our community.

Please consider helping DCC with you generous donation which will enable us to continue providing “HOPE One Hour at a Time.” Your donation will provide the opportunity that can change a life. We invite you to stand with us and become part of the solution that matters so much.

Double your impact today! Two donors will match fund raised during Daemion's annual appeal, dollar for dollar, up to $10,000.

Please read below to learn why some donate to help Daemion and help us meet this challenge!


Margaret Magee

Why I give to Daemion…

From a local, first-time donor
November 2019


We grew up poor.

Not dirt poor, but it was a struggle for the family to make ends meet. There was food at the table and a roof over our heads, but little else beyond that.

Through it all, my parents did their best, but it also meant there was no money (or time) for mental health care. That was a luxury, made worse with the common attitude back then towards mental health that people just needed to “suck it up and move on.”

I grew up, struggled through my anger and depression issues, went through school, found a job, paid my taxes and became a productive member of society.

The memories of growing up poor stayed with me - I hoarded my money, made it grow, but didn’t give any thought to charity or giving back.

That all changed when my father got sick.

The night before he died, we had our first heart-to-heart talk.


A lifetime of forgiveness and gratitude consolidated into one conversation that, to this day, I wish I could hold onto forever.

His final request was for us to give back to charity, and, it was to be done in memory of my grandfather – a man I never met and never knew, but it was important to my father that he be remembered somehow.

I made that promise, but didn’t think much of it until a friend introduced me to Daemion.

After discovering the wonderful things they did for the community, I opened up my checkbook and donated because I truly believe Daemion Counseling Center can make a difference to someone’s life.

Think back to the last time that you truly struggled with something – whether it be dealing with life’s everyday challenges, anger, depression, helping a loved one through tough times or drug addiction.

Then think of how you survived that challenge, possibly with outside help from a friend, family member, a loved one, or had professional help.

Then imagine taking away that lifeline and imagine how things could have turned out differently without that lifeline.

I didn’t have that help growing up, but at least I can be sure someone has at least a chance of getting that help now.

For many of us, that lifeline can be the difference between surviving (mentally or physically) or a struggle through even the simplest of things.

I’m asking each of you to extend a helping hand - regardless of whether it’s $100 (the cost of a session), $500 or $1,000 - that donation can act as a lifeline and make a difference to someone in the community.

I struggled through life without that lifeline, and it took a deathbed promise to give me clarity on what was important in life and to give back.

Each of us can have different reasons for giving back, but I’m asking for your help today.

Join me in helping your neighbors.

Please help us make a difference today.